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Warranty & Guarrentee

 Exterior Design warranty and guarantees statement

A  one (1) year warranty will apply to all workmanship on any service  provided by Exterior Design or any subcontractor working under Exterior  Design.

If within twelve (12) months of the completion of the  work the customer finds a significant fault in the final product of the  work, the customer must inform Exterior Design. Upon inspection of the  fault, if found to be a matter of poor workmanship, the work will be  repaired or replaced at no additional cost to the customer.


                 Plants-  Exterior Design has a one (1) year  50/50 guarantee on all woody plants  we provide and plant. This means that if the plant dies within twelve  (12) months of us planting it, we will replace the plant at 50% of the  original cost.

We will provide you with quality plants, planted  in the most professional manner to ensure the health of the plant.  However, after that, it is the responsibility of the customer to see  that the plant is watered, mulched, and cared for correctly.

                 Lawn  installation- Exterior Design does in no way guarantee any particular  level of success when installing a new lawn. Our technicians will make  every effort to establish a full and healthy lawn, and to educate the  customer on how to best care for the new lawn. However, to many  variables are involved to guarantee a full success.Sod has a much higher  success rate than seed and straw. However, improper watering and other  factors can cause the loss of sod, and/or the invasion of weeds.